Greater Denver Transit
YIMBY Denver
Judy Amabile
CO State Representative

“Chris is effective. As a political staffer, a public policy advocate, and a technologist, he has guided me through countless moments, first as a professional, and now a good friend. His guidance is exactly what RTD needs right now.”

Shontel Lewis
Denver Councilmember
Former RTD Director

“Chris and I first met while I was serving on the RTD board. His passion for transit advocacy was obvious, but it was only after we got to know each other that I saw what drives him.

Chris’ lived experience has made him a fierce champion for equity with a deep understanding of transit’s critical role in that fight. His two decades in politics make him an incredibly effective advocate. I trust him to fight for Community, and I trust him to deliver.”

Chris Hinds

“We need people committed to multimodal transportation. Chris knows this and believes strongly in offering quality alternatives to driving. Chris also lives these values as a full time RTD rider and dedicated advocate for safe, accessible transit.”

Callie Rennison
University of Colorado

“As a CU Denver professor and Regent, and a longtime user of RTD, I know transit access is critical to student success. I'm supporting Chris because he will fight for a system that actually works.”

Sarah Parady

"Chris knows effective transit is fundamental to a just society. His focus on equity, on building a system all of us can trust and rely on, is exactly what RTD needs right now."

Lesley Smith
CU Regent-at-Large
State House Candidate

"I’ve known Chris since he moved to Colorado. RTD is his main mode of transportation, so he’s very familiar with the issues. He’s got the experience and great ideas to help improve the ridership experience on RTD. For that reason, I’m enthusiastically supporting Chris."

Paul Rosenthal
RTD Director
Michael Guzman
RTD Director
Flor Alvidrez
Denver Councilmember
Chris Hansen
CO State Senator
Kyle Mullica
CO State Senator
Nick Hinrichsen
CO State Senator
Javier Mabrey
CO State Representative
Steve Woodrow
CO State Representative
Tim Hernandez
CO State Representative
Alex Valdez
CO State Representative
Meg Froelich
CO State Representative
Shannon Bird
CO State Representative
Brianna Titone
CO State Representative
Marc Kamin
Former DPOD Chair
Michael Dougherty
Boulder District Attorney
Leora Joseph
Denver DA Candidate
Mental Health Leader
JD Mangat
Lafayette Mayor
William Lindstedt
CO State Representative
David Ortiz
CO State Representative
Manny Rutinel
CO State Representative
Aaron Brockett
Boulder Mayor
Joel Noble
Former Denver
Planning Board Chair
Chris Ross & Ed Cannon
Denver LGBT Leaders
Bri Buentello
Former CO State
Edie Hooton
Former CO State
Kent Bagley
Former RTD Director
Ryan Keeney
YIMBY Denver
Rachel Friend
Matt Benjamin
Tara Winer
Ryan Schuchard
John Tayer
President and CEO
Boulder Chamber
Juan Marcano
Aurora Councilmember
Mayoral Candidate
Bryan Lindstrom
Education & Labor Activist
State House Candidate
Raffi Mercuri
Former Chair
Boulder County Democrats
Obi Edzadi
Westminster Councilmember
State Senate Candidate
Austin Ward
James Flattum
Greater Denver
Transit Co-founder
Jill Grano
Former Boulder
Alex Apodaca-Cobell
Progressive Activist
John Krotchko
LGBTQ Physician
Denver Health
James Lee
Downtown Business Owner
Tea Cloud Boba & Poke
Steve Paletz
Jewish Community Leader
Erik Clarke
Business and
Community Leader
Dave Sabados
Communications Professional
Local News Publisher
Michael Farrington
CU Law Student
Democratic Activist
Nick Brown
Co-founder & CEO
Jonathan Singer
Former Colorado
State Representative
Kwame Spearman
Denver Entrepreneur
Lisa Sweeney-Miran
Vice President
BVSD Board of Education
Eric Budd
Community Activist
Andy Bosselman
YIMBY Denver Lead
David Pardo
Housing Activist
YIMBY Denver Lead
Tony Smith
LGBT Community Leader
Elliot Hood
CU Regent Candidate

Metro Denver Residents

Angie Anderson
Kurt Sevits
Oliver Reed
Robert Ehmann
Tom Rubane
Martin Mercer
Lizzie Eason
Bryan Alcorn
Austin Blumenfeld
Griffin Michael
Jacob Wooden
Jerome Síbulo
Perry Simmons
Alex DiFazio
Dave Gross
Stephen Sbanotto
Dave Ensign
Ian Silverii
Keith Brooks
Andrew Goldstein
Samantha LoPilato
Alex Nelson
Logan Davis
Emily Adams