RTD needs help

We all know it.

I'm Chris Nicholson

I'm running to focus on the basics
and build back trust in our transit system.

Meet Chris

A photo of Christopher.

I've been politically engaged for as long as I can remember. In high school I learned to code and starting in college I got involved, using technology to help Democrats win elections. I built my professional career in public policy, technology, and professional politics.

I've spent my adult life fighting for change, first by electing great people, and next, helping craft policy solutions for immigrant entrepreneurs navigating our broken immigration system.

Outside of work, I'm active in the LGBT community, a strong advocate for more housing as a leader of YIMBY Denver, a member of Upper Downtown's Registered Neighborhood Organization, Greater Denver Transit, and a proud and active Democrat.

I'm running for the RTD Board of Directors for District A here in Central Denver because I rely on RTD and I know we can do better.

My Priority: Deliver on the Basics



RTD needs to treat reliability as its top priority. That means reliable real-time data, and more serious quality of life improvements to address the driver shortage.



RTD's lack of safety is unacceptable. We need rapid response STAR teams to handle threats and people in crisis as they arise, so that drivers can focus on the road.



Service to under-represented communities needs to be competitive with driving. RTD needs to prioritize speed and effectiveness, not just coverage.


Greater Denver Transit
YIMBY Denver
Judy Amabile
CO State Representative

“Chris is effective. As a political staffer, a public policy advocate, and a technologist, he has guided me through countless moments, first as a professional, and now a good friend. His guidance is exactly what RTD needs right now.”

Shontel Lewis
Denver Councilmember
Former RTD Director

“Chris and I first met while I was serving on the RTD board. His passion for transit advocacy was obvious, but it was only after we got to know each other that I saw what drives him.

Chris’ lived experience has made him a fierce champion for equity with a deep understanding of transit’s critical role in that fight. His two decades in politics make him an incredibly effective advocate. I trust him to fight for Community, and I trust him to deliver.”

Chris Hinds

“We need people committed to multimodal transportation. Chris knows this and believes strongly in offering quality alternatives to driving. Chris also lives these values as a full time RTD rider and dedicated advocate for safe, accessible transit.”

Callie Rennison
University of Colorado

“As a CU Denver professor and Regent, and a longtime user of RTD, I know transit access is critical to student success. I'm supporting Chris because he will fight for a system that actually works.”

Sarah Parady

"Chris knows effective transit is fundamental to a just society. His focus on equity, on building a system all of us can trust and rely on, is exactly what RTD needs right now."

Lesley Smith
CU Regent-at-Large
State House Candidate

"I’ve known Chris since he moved to Colorado. RTD is his main mode of transportation, so he’s very familiar with the issues. He’s got the experience and great ideas to help improve the ridership experience on RTD. For that reason, I’m enthusiastically supporting Chris."

Get in touch

The first step in fixing something is knowing exactly how it's broken. I want to hear from you about your experiences with RTD and how it has affected your community.

Call or text me at 303-335-9728 or email chris@chrisforRTD.com.

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